Sands Road Framing / Gallery offers an opportunity to display and sell your artwork on a monthly basis.
While your work is with us, we will publicise it on our Website, Facebook, Twitter and Creative Torbay.
We are located on a main road with parking, it is clean, well lit and staffed.
We are open to the public 6 days a week, closed on Sundays and Bank holidays.

For the opportunity to display your artwork please contact us: 01803 554583.

We have worked with a range of Artists and Publishers over many years, and are proud to now be able to share some of them with you.

Tessa Airth              

Gorden Allen              

Chris Bradley                   

Emma Childs                   

Amanda Clark                           

Angela Cox                      

Valerie Davide                 

Penelope Douglas             

Yvonne Edwards                         

Julia Finzel                       

Gary Floyd                                 

Tracy Fox

Kim Freeman                             

John Gillo                       

Valerie Hammond                     

Claire Harmer                 

John Ironmonger 

Julia Kelland                  

Mike Langman                

Craig Long                    

Julia Masters                 

Wendy Mcbride 

Karen Miller                  

Edward Netley                        

Becky Nuttall                

Susan Poole                 

Mary Ann Rogers                    

Nigel Rossiter               

Tracy Satchwill             

Brian Sedgbeer             

Theresa Shaw                        

Kim Sherwin                

John Skinner                          

Jeanette Smith             

Sue Smith                    

Nicky Stevenson                     

Jennie Taylor

Anne Von Bengard       

Jo West                       

Rhian Wyn Harrison     


International Graphics  


Photo Restoration