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Christine Durrant is a Devon based artist who loves creating fun, vibrant textured art using a collage of new and vintage fabrics. Each piece is unique and made entirely from tiny pieces of fabric using shade and shape to create a final piece. She aims to evoke happiness from her work and loves how people take the time to look into the detail of each piece. She doesn't always choose a conventional subject, pose, composition or colour-scheme as she likes things to be unusual and different.

DECEMBER- Rhian Wyn Harrison

Rhian is an artist and illustrator who works from her home studio in Paignton, Rhian creates lively and colourful mixed media illustrations on re-purposed old book pages and maps, they give her the inspiration for her interpretation between word and image. Drawn by hand the coloured with ink, gouache paint and pastel, Rhian uses traditional techniques rather than digital. Rhian has built up a large following for commissioned work, while successfully exhibiting at a number of galleries in Devon.


Mike Langman started working for the RSPB after he left art college in 1983. His bird illustrations and paintings are used as identification cards and can be seen on many RSPB reserves, in information centres and hides. Mike has to date, work published in 53 books and his work regularly appears in the UK birdwatching publications; 'BBC Wildlife' and 'Coast' magazines. An avid birdwatcher, Mike enjoys birdwatching in his local area around Torbay, Devon and thankfully inspires him to draw and paint many beautiful subjects.


Kim Sherwin paints under the name August Earth. Her finely detailed images are created using watercolours on a variety of surfaces, using a special preparation medium to allow them to accept the pigments. The beech wood slices are a recent discovery for her, incorporating geometric shapes, inks and metal leaf. The small scale and intricate detail invites the viewer to examine these beautiful paintings more closely.

MAY - Mary Ann Rogers

Mary Ann Rogers is a self-taught artist who began painting at a very early age and has become one of the most acclaimed watercolour painters of her subjects in Britain. She is known for painting her subjects directly from life - capturing the briefest moments in time. We have selected two of her beautiful limited edition prints in the gallery but Mary Ann has produced many paintings of your favourite critters

February 2015 Angela Cox

Angela explores various media, favouring watercolour or graphite and working in great detail, which forms the contemplative heart of her creative process. Angela likes to use a coloured background for her paintings that allows her to create a mood for the composition that reflects the original encounter with the subject, capturing the smallest details in her work is particular to each of the compositions.