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Christine Durrant is a Devon based artist who loves creating fun, vibrant textured art using a collage of new and vintage fabrics. Each piece is unique and made entirely from tiny pieces of fabric using shade and shape to create a final piece. She aims to evoke happiness from her work and loves how people take the time to look into the detail of each piece. She doesn't always choose a conventional subject, pose, composition or colour-scheme as she likes things to be unusual and different.


Jo West was born in Plymouth and still lives on the beautiful south coast of Devon. A contemporary self-taught artist who is heavily influenced by her rural upbringing explores natural themes. Jo has had many commissions and has been selling professionally since 2016; she has already gained interest from galleries. Jo loves experimenting and is excited to see how her style will develop. She is the first UK artist to use colour changing resin. Her aim is to make you smile and take you to a happy place. She loves the use of colour and how it can influence how you feel. To create her beautiful paintings she uses acrylics, mixed media and resin, as well as crystals, metal leaf, fine glitter, iridescent powder and fibre in the resin to add depth and interesting aspects.

JULY - Chris Bradley

Chris Bradley lives between Dartmoor and the South Devon coast, which is reflected in the wild nature of his work. Chris revels in bright, abstract designs. These dramatic and colourful pieces of art can bring the room to life with their modern, vibrant, contemporary and fresh feel. Chris' artwork is mixed-media on deep canvas; acrylic, acrylic ink, watercolour paints, as well as silicone and nail varnish to create texture.

MAY - Theresa Shaw

Theresa has been painting and drawing her whole life: doodling, colouring-in, throwing paint ‘Jackson Pollock-style’ at a large piece of paper in infant’s school – these are her earliest artistic memories and are the basis for who she is today. Over the years, Theresa has worked in various businesses whilst always keeping art as her focus. Following the birth of her two children, she retrained as a teacher, eager to pass on her knowledge and joy in painting. Teaching all ages, she has held painting holidays in Norfolk and the Yorkshire Dales and continues to teach weekend workshops and individual pupils at her home. In the last fifteen years Theresa has exhibited and sold many pieces of art with galleries and private collectors around the world. She is inspired by the natural world, expressing her love of nature with a unique and personal flair. At present she is absorbed in the use of acrylic inks for their brilliant colour and incredible fluidity, helping to create truly individual pieces of artwork that reflect how she feels about beauty and life. Colour, layers and depth are the backbone of her work as she explores techniques and styles to capture all things floral and tree-like.


Mike Langman started working for the RSPB after he left art college in 1983. His bird illustrations and paintings are used as identification cards and can be seen on many RSPB reserves, in information centres and hides. Mike has to date, work published in 53 books and his work regularly appears in the UK birdwatching publications; 'BBC Wildlife' and 'Coast' magazines. An avid birdwatcher, Mike enjoys birdwatching in his local area around Torbay, Devon and thankfully inspires him to draw and paint many beautiful subjects.


Tracy Fox started painting 15 years ago and has since had exhibitions in Oxfordshire, North Lincolnshire and the USA. Tracy is inspired by the diverse Devonshire coastline; the sea and the sky. She prefers using a mix of acrylics and oils, with heavy structure gels, to paint seascapes in an abstract form, with texture and dimension, as well as painting coastal towns with their myriad of pastel coloured houses.


Brixham artist Julia Finzel creates etchings, photo-etchings and mono-prints. She has a strong connection to animals and they often feature in her creative work. Julia has been printmaking for over thirty years. She developed her etching techniques in Venice and has been printmaking in Dartington for seventeen years. She has exhibited all over the world and has illustrated several books. We are also featuring a number of Julia's original paintings and giclee limited editions.

APRIL - Tessa Airth

Tessa Airth has been living in South Devon for over 20 years and currently works in her garden studio at her home in Stoke Gabriel. Her canvases are mostly oils and acrylic, creating a free, spiritual feeling, with some small details. Much of her inspiration comes from nature and our relationship with the natural world. She is also inspired by traditional myths and stories, as well as the symbols and imagery of dreams. She believes every picture tells a story...

MARCH - Chris Bradley

Chris Bradley lives between Dartmoor and the South Devon coast, which is reflected in the wild nature of his work. His inspiration comes from looking into the depths of lakes and reservoirs, being mesmerised by seaweed and sealife moving and enchanted by coastal rockpools. Chris revels in bright, abstract designs to capture the beautiful places which surround him. These dramatic and colourful pieces of art can bring the room to life with their modern, vibrant, comtemporary fresh feel. Chris' artwork is mixed-media on deep canvas, with multiple layers of resin, which takes up to 7-14 days to create these vibrant pieces.