Dry Mounting / Vacuum Press

You may have received a poster or photograph through the post in a tube? Or had a picture stored rolled up for a long period of time? To put this straight into a frame would result in the picture rippling behind the glass which looks unpleasant, this can also worsen over time or in a particularliy humid enviornment.

To permanently flatten and prevent buckled paper from getting any worse, we use a dry mounting process using a dry adhesive sheet in a heated vacuum press.

We can dry mount most photos, prints, posters, maps, canvas etc; basically anything with a flat smooth surface to bond to. And we can bond onto a range of backing boards, from 2mm conservation board to 3mm, 5mm & 10mm substrates, depending on your requirements.

This dry mounting process can produce fantastic results on the most creased paper, but due to the irreversible nature of the process it is not recommended for original or limited edition artwork.

Here's an example of a severely creased photograph (probably far worse than you've got at home!)


After dry mounting, you can see that the print has been completely flattened out, any 'gentle' folds have gone, leaving only the 'sharp' creases that have broken through the ink (which in most cases can be touched in with specialist pens)







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