Reuse, Repurpose & Upcycle Pictures

Have you done all the hard work with your craft project or bought something on-line that has not turned out quite as you expected? We will help you with the finishing touches to realise your vision.
We can cut just a mount, glass, mirror, perspex or frame and assemble them with your existing items.


We have remounted this postcard in a custom-sized mount, to fit a standard sized A4 wooden frame. As you can see we can cut a mount to any proportions to fit your specifications.

Uneven Mount Reused Upcycled Frame


This craft project no longer fitted the standard sized frame due to 3D embellishments, we added a spacer to stop it from touching the glass

Baby Scrapbook


50 Shades Of Cream?

Choosing colours of frames or mounts on-line can cause more problems than you'd think. One supplier's definition of 'Off-White' may differ from another's, as well as your computer monitor set-up varying from another. 

Mount Option Ivory Cream

We can make the best of the picture and frame you have already purchased by replacing your mount with a better colour match.

Mount Option Brilliant White


This poster looks fine, placed, unmounted in a standard A3 sized picture frame......

A3 Ready Made Standard Frame

....but it looks amazing after being dry mounted, into a custom-made silver frame, with a silver slip in the mount to match.

A3 Custom Made Bespoke Mount Insert Frame





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