Memories To Make You Smile

At Sands Road Framers we'll capture your lifetime,
From birth to old age we have frames devine.
This Poem is here to help us explain,
The assortment of things that we could frame.

Record's or CD's of your first dance or kiss,
We can frame them so they don't go amiss.
Your Hen night or Stag, the props we'll entomb,
Hopefully not to your impending doom.

The trinkets saved from your Special Day,
Headdress, cake toppers, place settings, Bouquet.
Next in your life come babies galore,
Footprints, Hair-lock, First tooth, things they draw.

Flocks of photos soon appear on your wall,
Rosettes, badges and medals from football.
Challenges, achievements will flood through your door,
In the form of certificates, degrees and much more.

As our loved ones go to study away,
Always in our hearts our family will stay.
Looking at your keepsakes shortens the miles,
Keep them on display, they will make you smile.

With children grown up, we have time to spend
On collections and hobbies and time with a friend.
Coins, Stamps or Cards; whatever your passion,
Cross-stitches, tapestries or whatever’s in fashion.

As the years go by from baby to teen,
We can even frame your telegram from the Queen.
You can see we’re not Poets; but Framers it’s true,
All your family’s memories, we’ll frame just for you!