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Our Framing Standards:

Remember when shopping around for pictures and framing the cheapest option is not always the best value option, economising on framing could cause damage your item. 

Economy - Eliminating items such as mounts, dry mount process or specialist glass, will bring the cost down.

Standard - All our standard mount board is white core and backing board is moisture repellant, so will not damage your items, this option also includes a dry mounting process.

Conservation - By using acid free mount board to protect your picture from touching the glass and an extra acid free barrier mount to separate the backing, you can protect your item.

Museum - The ultimate protection using museum glass, Artcare mount and barrier boards and backing for your item.

Enjoying your picture:

Handling: When you leave the shop with your picture, hold the frame on both sides, or by the string. Lifting by one side can bend the frame and make the glass pop causing damage to both frame and picture.  If you have to store pictures, make sure they are standing upright, face to face or back to back so that the fixings do not damage the face of the frames.

Hanging: Make sure you use the correct hooks or screws for both the wall and your picture fixings. The hanging system on your frame can vary from traditional cord or wire to saw tooth hangers and securiy fittings.

Ideally pictures should not be hung above radiators.  Extreme changes in temperature can cause paper and wood to dry out and adhesives to fail.  Try not to hang pictures directly opposite large windows as sunlight fades colours and discolours paper. Special UV-coated glass can help to reduce this. Ask us about the ways in which you can preserve your artwork. 

Although we use a moisture resitant backing, damp will cause mould. This will show on your pictures in different ways; rippling, bellying and colour changes. If you notice changes to the apperance of your picture, take it down and check the back for mould, take to your framer to see if they can stop any more damage. 

Care: Dust frames with a soft cloth. If cleaning fluids are used on the glass, apply them to a duster first (rather than spraying directly onto the glass ) take care not to let the fluids touch the frame as they can cause damage to certain finishes.  Don't use cleaning fluids on the surface of oil paintings, again dust carefully.